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the simplicity solution

I have life-changing conversations with people who no longer want their enjoyment of life to be overshadowed by stress, anxiety, overwhelm, or pressure.

Are you experiencing material success, but your inner life is suffering?

Are you at a crossroads at home or at work and have no idea what to do?

Is your life frequently held hostage by anxiety, stress, and complexity?

Are you tired of searching and searching for ways to improve yourself?

The Simplicity Solution has created profound and lasting change for people like you around the world, and it can help you enjoy your relationships, your work, your family, and your life again. The Simplicity Solution is an understanding about a few simple principles that explain our entire experience of life. With a grasp of these principles, our experience of our lives can change in an instant. No hard work required. Sound too good to be true? It can’t be that simple, can it?

Clarity, confidence, love, hopefulness, and possibility await…

less effort, more results

A martial arts student went to a teacher and declared he wanted to learn the system, he was devoted and ready. How long would it take?

The teacher replied: “Ten years.”

The student, a bit impatient and not satisfied with the answer went ahead and said: “But I want to master it faster than that, I will work very hard, practice 10 or more hours a day if necessary. How long would it THEN take?”

The teacher replied: “Twenty years.”

I appreciate this story for many reasons, but most of all because it points in the direction that success and happiness are not necessarily about hard work, and that sometimes “hard work” can be an obstacle to success and happiness.

With the Simplicity Solution, you are not required to do lots of work on yourself, or with others. You don’t need to practice new skills, new techniques, or new approaches.

You may be surprised at the ease with which changes will arise. The profoundly good news is that it isn’t about effort, but rather getting out of the way and allowing great ideas and inspiration to emerge.

lightening the load

Personal coaching to find enjoyment in everyday life

peak performance

Discover an effortless approach to amazing results that removes stress and enhances your enjoyment of your work and your life.

reigniting the spark

Finding connection and harmony with your partner

enjoying the ride

Transformational conversations about family dynamics

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about jason berv

Throughout my life I’ve had outstanding professional opportunities. I got a great Ivy League education and went on to earn a Ph.D. I’ve taught courses in religious studies, education, psychology, and leadership. I’ve founded and led an innovative and award-winning school. Over twenty years as a consultant and facilitator, I’ve guided many organizations and executives through successful periods of growth and change. And yet, despite all this fruitful and wonderful professional experience, by far the most meaningful thing I’ve ever encountered in my life was when I learned how we actually create our experience of life, moment to moment.  It’s what I’ve come to call the Human Operating System, and it made all the difference in my life when I was burned out and struggling both physically and emotionally.
This revolutionary understanding, and its vast implications, point in the direction of our innate wellbeing, the unlimited power of a quiet mind, our fundamental connectedness, and the gift of the present moment.  The Human Operating System explains that our ever-changing state of mind – not the circumstances that we encounter – is responsible for our experience of life. This understanding, and the utter simplicity that lies at its core, profoundly changed my life. It gave me great freedom of mind, and I discovered what had been so elusive to me – being at peace with the ups and downs of life.  This is no silver bullet that brings only happiness and joy. It offers a calm certainty that being human is messy, that it comes with moments of security and insecurity, and that freedom comes in no longer seeking perfection.
My marriage, my parenting, and my relationship to my work have all been transformed in ways that bring me so much gratitude. There’s an ease that I can count on, and a resilience that carries me through hard times. And now I share this understanding, which I call “the simplicity solution,” with those who are ready to find within themselves the source of this ease and resilience.  It is the foundation of the best relationships of your life – with yourself, with others, and with your work.
I invite you to join me, by phone, by video, or in person at Lucky Dog Ranch, where I live with my wife Sumaya, who does Equine Guided Coaching, my teenage sons, our horses, dogs, fish, ducks, and a garage full of skis and bikes.

feet above sea level where I live at Lucky Dog Ranch in Crested Butte, Colorado

years since the Simplicity Solution changed my life

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My discussions with Jason have had a profound impact on my life. I was clearly ready to make a significant change but I could not have done it without his guidance.

I am more consistently kind to myself. I have deeper patience and compassion for my kids. I have connected further with my wife while also giving her more space – an amazing balance which we treasure. And I have (almost) effortlessly, with Jason’s support, begun to tap into wisdom and compassion in my professional life and other personal relationships.

It is clear to me that Jason’s thoughtful and provocative guidance is a passion for him. Being in this conversation with him is like serious play with a joyful trusted advisor who shares wisdom in simple yet profound ways.”

— Abe from Oregon



Jason is thoughtful, wise, and knows his stuff. I am always amazed how consistently I leave our conversations feeling lighter, more confident, and more connected to those around me as well as to my own heart. Jason listens deeply, has a fantastic sense of humor, and is really good at what he does. Working with him has been an absolute gift - not only for me, but for my family and colleagues as well.

-Erica from Montana

Jason guides you to learn more about yourself in a very short amount of time. The results are more patience, less frustration, more creativity, less stress and anxiety and all of a sudden a realization that troubling issues you felt needed attention just a short time have dissipated without any attention to them at all. Brilliant.

-Darcie from Colorado



Working with Jason has provided me a new level of ease in my life. Learning to recognize thoughts, the space between thoughts, and the quality of my thoughts has allowed grace, inspiration, and more creativity to show up in my life. In many ways I’ve found empowerment, confidence, boundaries, and compassion along with unexpected delightful opportunities. I so appreciate working with Jason. He is great at clearly communicating the process, and his knowledge of the 3 principles and his generosity in sharing how they can be applied to every area of life feels uplifting and encouraging.

— Jessica from New York




Simply through thoughtful, open conversation, Jason has showed me how to move through the world with ease and grace. I’m not perfect, and that’s ok, because accepting that has allowed me the freedom to engage more meaningfully with the world and the people around me. Thank you, Jason, for helping me to become the man, father and husband I always knew I could be.”

— Jeff from Colorado




“In each of our conversations, Jason has been able to point me towards the wisdom of the Principles. Not only has my understanding deepened, there is also a ripple effect that has brought me greater optimism and peace.

I invited Jason to facilitate workshops at the school I lead. He was very effective in guiding others to their own insights and to seeing a hopeful new understanding of the real source of their stress and anxiety. Jason worked skillfully with both adults and teens, all of whom recognized his mastery and deep compassion.”

— Janet from California




"I want to extend my deepest gratitude to you for your thoughtful services. You led us through a meditative, deeply insightful, and reflective dialectic with each other and with ourselves...all in service of this beautiful institution. Thank you for opening your heart and your mind to us and with us."

— Yasmine from California



I absolutely love working with Jason. His approach to coaching is unique and refreshingly "simple". He is brilliant - I would highly recommend his services to anyone in need of help with any life circumstance or seeking personal growth. 

-Stephanie from Colorado

Jason is very responsive and respectful. He has great insight and analogies to help put things into a new perspective that get you back on track in life, be it professional, personal or both!

-Keith from Oklahoma

"The belief that it takes time to find wisdom is one of the greatest fallacies on earth. Wisdom is not learned - it is unfolded from within."

Sydney Banks

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